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How to choose your Techwear pants?

There are different models of Techwear pants. The sober, solid-colored Techwear pants, camouflage Techwear pants, baggys, jogging bottoms, and even denim jeans. How do you know which type of pants are right for you? How do you know which one to choose?

It will first and foremost depend on your usual or desired overall style. There are a multitude of styles stemming from Techwear. Which is a very trendy fashion nowadays and which, as a result, is starting to decline in several very different waves.

Let's take a look at the major trends in Techwear style
The choice of pants will depend on the rest of your outfit and will allow you, by identifying yourself to them, to choose the one or those which correspond to you best.

Urban Techwear style
This style is the most common and the widest, there is a wide range of choices and it will allow you to differentiate yourself according to the desired colors and the cut that you like the most. it will go perfectly with a standard or oversized hoodie and basic, high or short sneakers. The ideal will be to choose a sober comfortable pants and adapted to the temperatures for your daily life.

Cargo Pants Techwear

Cyberpunk Techwear Style
More visual and less common, this Techwear style was created thanks to the avant-garde distopic inspiration of the great Cyberpunk works, books, films and video games. This fashion highlights a more original futuristic style, corresponding to our future in a dystopian framework of global crisis, of the fall of society. The cities would then be abandoned by the state and the people left to their own devices. More radical, society would no longer represent the law and the good life, but the dictatorship. The people surviving in this overcrowded and cashless universe would then make do for the most part by committing theft and other crimes. When we evoke this universe, a feeling of oppression of the people, of abandonment of this one by our governments is put forward. This is reflected by a style more reminiscent of the cruelty of the world in which we live and the drifts that will potentially result from it. This style reflects a love for these works highlighting these potential future problems and emphasizes political ideas that run counter to the current choices of our governments, which are sorely lacking in common sense and which rather than helping people, do not. think that money even means destroying the planet they tread, its inhabitants and its animals. The constant and growing gap between the rich and the poor, the impoverishment of our soils, the degradation of our world as a whole. So many themes evoked in these works which are reflected more and more in our current world which seems inevitably to be ruined because of incompetent elites ready to do anything for their personal profit. These political ideas or sometimes just the love of this style or its works resulted in the creation of this very committed Techwear style. Techwear pants made of reflective bands will give you this futuristic style. Techwear pants accessorized with chains or ribbons will also be perfect.

Cargo Trousers Techwear

Military techwear style
The military Techwear style is a trend based more on the attraction for combat. Whether it is directly for the military, people doing Airsoft, or simply for people who appreciate this style usually used by fighters. This Techwear style can be easily identified thanks to its superior garment quality, to resist cold, scratches and remain comfortable in all circumstances. It must be made of special materials which are marked as military grade. The main type of military techwear pants are camouflage pants. Very aesthetic, they will give you an incredible military Techwear look thanks to their patterns allowing you to be camouflaged or simply to have a pattern to your liking. Tye-and-Die pants also offer this type of pattern, perfect for camouflage, but also allow a more common style with their more varied, often random and very graphic shapes.

Camouflage Techwear Pants

Gothic Techwear style
Very often composed of completely black clothes, the Gothic Techwear style will stand out by the type of cut of the pants. Pants with wide ends, an unusual cut of the garment or associated suit, a large pair of metallic boots for example or accessories associated with Gothic will be perfect, chains for example will bring you a Gothic Techwear style visible at first glance.

Techwear Chained Pants

Darkwear style
Between gothic and urban, the Darkwear style corresponds to the darker urban style. Find hoodies with long hoods that will cover your face. All black Techwear pants will go perfectly with this style.

 Tactical Harajuku Pants

Techwear formal style
More complicated to find in the Techwear style, there are nevertheless some fine and sober pants that will go perfectly with a more formal style. Ideal for fashion events in which a certain standard is required.

Patchwork Techwear Pants

Techwear Harajuku style
More Japanese, this style comes in different forms but is distinguished by the many colors and different patterns of these clothes. Whether it is inspired by the Japanese universe in general such as Kanji, demon heads on clothes or geisha or other symbols specific to Asian culture. This style allows more variation and thanks to its more varied and more explosive colors, unique in the Techwear style, will allow you to obtain a look mixing future and traditions. Reflecting an attachment to this wonderful country and these values. Dare to use bright colors, shorts and pants with unique patterns.

dragon techwear pants

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