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What are the 5 best Techwear hoodies ?



5. Tie Dye Techwear Hoodie


Perfect for those cooler periods of summer, this stunning black and white tie-dye sweatshirt, also available in green and white, is printed with a unique and beautiful pattern.

100% cotton, despite its rather light thickness, it remains warm enough to keep you at a comfortable temperature until fall.

The design of its round neck and black trims offer a perfect look that pairs perfectly with black cargo or tactical pants as well as a black bob, beanie or cap. To perfectly complement this style, a pair of white sneakers will ensure you of an unparalleled style.

For less than $70 completely change your mundane style for a truly remarkable look worthy of the biggest stars in fashion.


4. Reflective Hoodie Techwear

This super warm black and orange hoodie with a kangaroo pocket and a reflective embroidered logo stand out with its hood with a super original collar.

Created exclusively for this model, the extended hood will more fully cover your neck but will above all ensure an incredible style. If you like your style to be noticed, this Japanese Harajuku style hoodie is for you.

Perfect for a cyberpunk or streetwear style, ideal with a black cap and a mouth mask, it will go equally well with tactical pants or oversized jogging as well as a big pair of black high-top sneakers. The model is also available in white.


3. Hoodie Techwear Cyberpunk

Very different from the rest of the usual techwear hoodies, this yellow hoodie with its big smiley gives a different kind of cyberpunk look.

Less discreet, it is more suitable for a more punk or rock look. With these huge black, pink and yellow exposed seams, this hoodie will fit best with understated pants and black sneakers.

For an oversized effect, take one or two additional sizes.


2. Japanese Techwear Hoodie

Certainly the best known of all, and the most purchased. The Japanese Techwear Hoodie is the most popular of all. Any true cyberpunk lover already has it.

After being popularized by several fashion stars, it now sits as an essential for anyone who loves techwear. Perfect in all circumstances, original thanks to its hood with straps, it remains second in the ranking because it is now part of the classics and dates from more than a year ago.

Nevertheless, it remains number 1 in the hearts of all those who possess it by its comfort and its beauty.


1. Techwear Hoodie Reflective


Undoubtedly the least known of all, it was in 2021 that this hoodie with its reflective ribs appeared and enjoyed the success it deserves. With its unique style and reflective lettering and stripes reminiscent of lightning, it has captured the hearts of fans.

Also available in white, it has matching pants with the same reflective effects. Made of 100% cotton, it is warm and very soft. Even without the matching pants, it will be perfect with all clothes of the same color.

Exceptional quality and unparalleled design. It becomes the winner of this ranking thanks to its originality and beauty.

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