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Lightsaber katana

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Embrace the Future with the Lightsaber Katana

Step into a world of advanced saber technology with the Dark saber Xenopixel 3.0 Lightsaber. Not just any ordinary lightsaber, it's sensitive, it swings smoothly, and most importantly, it's designed for heavy dueling. Dive into a metal, aluminum alloy hilt paired with a PC Blade that promises resilience and style.

Dive Deeper into the Power

The Dark saber boasts 34 Set Fonts Bluetooth, ensuring you hear every clash, every swing, and every victory. With its high-powered RGB X3.0 Sound Fonts, and an additional 16 Sets Sound Fonts in the RGB X version, the power is literally in your hands. Feel the might as you switch between the pre-stored 16 kinds of colors, harnessing an infinite color change capability.

Advanced Controls for Cyberpunk Ninja

Modern challenges require modern solutions. That's why our Lightsaber Katana supports a Bluetooth APP connection. Control power, color change, volume, brightness, blade length, and more, all from the convenience of your mobile device. Customize to your heart's content and make your lightsaber uniquely yours.

With its long-lasting 3000mah and 3600mah batteries, charging is a breeze using a USB, ensuring you're always ready for the next duel. And for those intense battles, the somatosensory switch mode ensures seamless control — push, pull, twist, or wave to ignite the power within.

Discover the art of saber dueling with our advanced, heavy-duty Lightsaber Katana. For those yearning for even more, explore our full katana lightsaber collection and wield the future today.


Product Specifications

Material and Design

Every inch of this Lightsaber Katana is meticulously designed, featuring a robust Aluminum Alloy Hilt complemented by a durable PC Blade.

Type of Lightsaber

It isn't just a showpiece. It's a Heavy Dueling Lightsaber, designed for those intense battles that truly test your skills.

Unique Control Mechanism

The Somatosensory switch mode offers versatility. Whether you push-and-pull, twist, or wave, you decide how your saber comes to life.

Blade Length Customization

The blade can be tailored to your preference, ranging from 52-92 cm. Although it comes default at 92cm, adjustments to 82cm, 72cm, 62cm, or 52cm are available upon request.

Bluetooth APP Connectivity

Stay in control with our advanced Bluetooth APP connection. Everything from power, color changes, volume, brightness, and blade length to a myriad of sound and light effects are at your fingertips. Plus, a convenient one-click restore factory setting ensures you can always go back to basics.

RGB X3.0 Version Features:

  1. 34 Customizable Sound fonts.
  2. 3 Boot Effects: Standard, Ghost, and Blaster mode.
  3. 3 Lighting Effects: Constant, Flicker, and Flash.
  4. 16 Preset Colors with Infinite Color Changing capabilities.
  5. Advanced Functions: From waving sound effects, smooth swings, endless color rotations, Bluetooth integration, to your own music playback — a multifaceted experience awaits.

RGB X Version Features:

  1. 16 Sound fonts to choose from.
  2. Standard Boot Effect for a streamlined experience.
  3. 3 Lighting Effects: Constant, Flicker, and Flash.
  4. 16 Preset Colors, once again offering Infinite Color Changing.
  5. Several Functions: Waving sound effects, impact flashes, smooth swings, Bluetooth integration, and more ensure a dynamic experience every time.


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Lightsaber katana
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